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DataConcourse Features

The DataConcourse user-interface is simple and understandable because it contains a straightforward workflow with a specific set of options at each step. All you need to do is select the environmental standards to apply to your dataset, and the formatting you want to use to highlight exceedances.

Any qualifiers added by the lab will automatically be inserted and displayed on your browser screen, and you can also add validation qualifiers, final qualifiers, and comments for each analytical value in your data.

Laboratory Report Library

DataConcourse stores a library of all your laboratory reports, from all your laboratories. Your data is automatically uploaded from the laboratory in DataConcourse format, along with certified copies of the laboratory report. Laboratory reports can be filtered and reported by project, laboratory, or site. Store your laboratory reports online for a specific period or longer (for an additional fee).

Environmental Standards

DataConcourse includes a library of major regulatory environmental standards such as those from the US EPA regions and other Federal and state agencies.

  • Compare any of your laboratory reports against any of the environmental standards in the library.
  • Flag exceedances in any format or color on a standard chemistry exceedance table.
  • Compare one laboratory report, or all reports across one or more projects or sites.

Formatted Chemistry Tables

The DataConcourse chemistry table allows you to:

  • Specify the chemistry table orientation, layout, colors and other settings and view changes directly in web browser.
  • Choose to only view detects, exceedances, or particular compound groupings.
  • Export the chemistry table to Microsoft Excel.

Validation and Qualification

DataConcourse provides a convenient way to enter a qualifier or comment against particular results that are of interest. This is especially important where there may be an issue or where concentrations are high.

Quality Assurance Reports

Quality Assurance is a critical step in receipt and acceptance of laboratory data. DataConcourse generates outputs and summaries of the following QA checks:

Field QA

  • Field Duplicates and Triplicates (RPD values)
  • Field Blanks, Trip Blanks, Rinsates, Trip Spikes

Laboratory QA

  • Laboratory Duplicates (RPD values)
  • Laboratory Blanks, Surrogates, Matrix Spikes, Holding Times
  • Laboratory Control Samples/Reference Materials


Create ad hoc or re-usable filters and view data on a built-in GIS or export to other mapping software.

  • Assign coordinates to sample locations
  • Overlay sample locations on Google Maps
  • Create custom "mini tables" displaying key information against sample locations
  • Apply custom formatting to "mini tables
  • Use filters on "mini tables" to show only exceedences or certain components
  • Export customized "mini tables" to GIS

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$69.00 Per Lab Report

Stright forward pricing without the complication of additional libraries
or modules.

First 10 reports free of charge.
Reports can be accessed for a full
year and can be retained beyond
that for $20.00 per year.

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