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Online field data collection and chain of custody service replaces paper CoCs.

EnviroChain automates field data collection and submission.

In the field and in the lab, EnviroChain reduces costs while improving efficiency and accuracy. From the field, using a mobile app or a web app, your clients or your own sample collection team will send you an online chain of custody that will be directly downloaded into your LIMS before the cooler even arrives.

Replace thousands of pieces of paper, and all the data entry and cost of misread CoCs, or lost/damaged documentation. In the same way that online banking is replacing check writing, and email is replacing snail mail, the online field data collection and chain of custody service is providing you and your clients with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples. Accurate. Efficient. Reliable.

Compared with the typical cost of processing a paper CoC in the laboratory of around $10.00, EnviroChain reduces that expense by 80% or more with a transaction cost of under $1.00 and very little data entry.

Simply register for EnviroChain, create a lab profile, select the payment plan that works best for you, and then provide a link to your clients. Register now for a free one month trial.

EnviroChain is integrated with Element LIMS from Promium or can be integrated with other LIMS. See our API Information for more detail.

EnviroChain Flow

Work more efficiently

  • Download CoC directly into Element LIMS or other LIMS, eliminating data entry steps
  • Receive advance notice of incoming sample deliveries for better allocation of resources
  • Better meet customer requirements for samples with short hold times or rush turnarounds

Lower cost and reduce errors

  • Eliminate paper chain of custody forms and at a fraction of the cost
  • Eliminate the cost of correcting transcription errors

Picture Description

Key Features

  • Direct download into Element LIMS or other LIMS
  • Convenient profile setup to load analysis methods and other lab data
  • View courier pick up request
  • View historical data (view client histories and trends)
  • Dashboard to review current and historical CoC submissions

Dashboard: View submitted chains of custody and related information.

EnviroChain Lab Home

MyData: Enter additional profile information such as methods and containers, rates and discounts, shipping and courier options, a list of services offered, and certifications.

EnviroChain MyData

MyAccount: Enter and update user and laboratory profile information, preferences, and billing plan.

EnviroChain Lab MyAccount
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