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Chain of custody service improves efficiency and accuracy in the field and the lab.

EnviroChain with mobile apps makes field data collection
more efficient and accurate

When you connect with a lab that also uses EnviroChain you reduce costs while improving efficiency and accuracy. Replace thousands of pieces of paper with one accurate, efficient, and reliable online service. In the same way that online banking is replacing check writing, and email is replacing snail mail, the online chain of custody service is providing you with a streamlined and cost effective way to improve and accelerate the flow of data and samples.

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Automate the process

  • Enter data through smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Use previous CoCs to create new ones
  • Complete the whole process in the field, or create CoC at the office and share with samplers in the field
  • Notify environmental lab courier if samples are ready or will be ready at specified date & time
  • Find out when sample shipment is received
  • Flag samples with short hold times and rapid turnaround time requests

Key features

  • Intuitive step-by-step process for creating new CoCs
  • Copy CoC function
  • Role-based CoC sharing across the team
  • Support for iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Pre-entered analysis methods to save time
  • Courier pick up request
  • Data file and PDF file submission
  • Custom field data
  • Print PDF for cooler if necessary

There is no fee for a sample generator to use EnviroChain. Instead, the lab is charged for each submission.

Ship the samples off to the lab and send sample data directly from the field to the laboratory information management system. The data will be downloaded before the cooler even arrives. Simply register for EnviroChain, follow the step-by-step workflow and submit your CoC to the selected lab.

Submitting to labs that don't have EnviroChain

If the lab doesn't have EnviroChain implemented yet, you can still automate your process by using EnviroChain to produce an electronic CoC image. The lab will promptly receive an email with the CoC.

Six simple steps for creating and submitting an EnviroChain CoC

1. Laboratory Selection: Pick a laboratory to which you will submit the CoC and select a contact.

EnviroChain Pick Lab

2. Project: Select the appropirate project.

EnviroChain Project

3. Add Samples: Add samples and enter sample ID, select the matrix, select the methods from the pre-loaded list, select containers, and pick the turnaround time.

EnviroChain Add Samples

4. Shipping Method: Select the shipping method for this particular delivery.

EnviroChain Select Shipping Method

5. Signature: Add your signature to the CoC record.

EnviroChain add signature

6. Submission: Submit the completed CoC to the laboratory.

EnviroChain submit CoC

View Activity: View your CoC history, "favorite" labs, and current clients and projects.

EnviroChain MyData
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