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Element LIMS laboratory software is different from other LIMS in five ways.

Feature Breadth and Relevance

Element LIMS was designed specifically for production-oriented laboratories whose primary business is in the testing of soil, water, wastewater, air and food. This tight focus has allowed Promium to develop a product with a rich off-the-shelf feature set that is finely tuned for the environmental, water, and food laboratory market. A host of embedded calculations, a custom equation builder and other pre-loaded test parameters are included in the product.

Unified Software Application

The Element LIMS architecture provides a "unified" application with all core LIMS components in one solution. From bid to invoice, functionality is interwoven to provide a seamless infrastructure. Many other LIMS solutions are built around separate modules that must be integrated and are separate billable items. With Element LIMS, there are no additional modules to purchase, install, or maintain. The end result is a more robust, economical and efficient system that provides a quicker return on investment.

System Configurability

Element LIMS is a highly configurable commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software application. Through a broad array of optional settings, Element LIMS can be easily configured to address your specific business policies and operations practices. A variety of changes can be made to the system without requiring development resources including: changing nomenclature, editing and adding data fields, modifying equations, configuring menus, establishing alerts and flags, modifying report formats and distributions, and modifying program settings and default values. With the click of a checkbox or the change to a True/False table, you can easily change the functionality of Element to best fit your specific workflow needs.

Instrument Data Download

The Element DataTool component, with an immense library of formats covering virtually any commonly used laboratory instrument, automates the import of analytical data. And if your lab has an instrument that isn't represented in the DataTool library of interpreters, our developers will create one for you at no additional charge. Unlike other applications that require a third-party application, DataTool is an embedded component of Element LIMS. Element LIMS is also able to rapidly import data from subcontractor laboratories. Whether a subcontractor uses Element LIMS or not, Element LIMS provides features to easily and securely import data via a small transfer file.

Extensive and Flexible Reporting

Designed with EPA regulations and NELAC guidelines in mind, Element LIMS offers a wide variety of standard report templates that allow you to quickly meet your compliance needs (in fact, Element is used in 7 of the 10 EPA Regional Laboratories). An intuitive report writer application also gives you the ability to easily create customized reports as well. In addition, Element LIMS has a large EDD library, including SEDD-3 compliant output. We also include an EDD Builder, which gives users the ability to create their own electronic deliverables.

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