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EnviroChain® EA web-based sample submission and chain of custody application

EnviroChain EA reduces cost and increases productivity through integration with Element LIMS (via the ClientConnect application) and by eliminating paper CoCs.

EnviroChain EA (embedded application) is a web-based sample submission application that logs samples directly into Element LIMS. And with a bi-directional integration, Element LIMS project, work order, and schedule information is automatically accessible.

Submitting samples with EnviroChain EA reduces paper, reduces transcription errors, and accelerates the process of submitting and managing samples, all at a fraction of the cost of managing paper CoCs. Samples, methods, containers, preservatives, sample locations, and other data is pre-populated for pre-logged samples scheduled for routine testing, or for samples previously submitted.

  • Schedule samples through Element LIMS
  • Enter data through any web-enabled device with an internet connection,
    including smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Copy existing sample submissions to save time.
  • Use previous sample entries as a template for new entries.
  • As soon as the samples are submitted, the information is available in Element LIMS.
  • View transaction history through the Element ClientConnect web portal along
    with other sample and project data.

To encourage your clients to use EnviroChain, consider offering your best negotiated price for testing when they agree to use EnviroChain EA for all their sample submissions. It improves convenience for them and offers both of you a cost savings opportunity.

Access to EnviroChain EA is provided through the Element ClientConnect web portal, giving your clients one
convenient path to sample information. Select the Ec icon and enter samples and create an online chain of custody.ClientConnect

Enter your CoC number and begin the sample collection process.

EnviroChainEA Sample Login

Enter new sample information or use the copy feature to use previous or pre-logged samples as a template to save time and eliminate data entry and errors.

EnviroChainEA-SampleEnviroChainEA CopySample

Enter location and well information.

EnviroChain EA Location

Enter field data such as ph, turbidity, and temperature.

EnviroChain EA Field Data

Review and update analysis.

EnviroChain EA Analysis

Verify containers.

EnviroChain EA Containers

Submit the samples and create an online CoC (in PDF form that can be printed if necessary).
Print out a Custody Seal and affix to the shipping container.

EnviroChain EA Submit

Online CoC (sample submission report).

EnviroChain EA CoC
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EnviroChain EA Pricing
EnviroChain EA FAQ
Print Custody Seal Label
Data sheet for your clients

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