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LIMS for power and energy company labs.

As the world goes green, it's more important than ever to accurately measure, monitor and report on environmental conditions. With sensitivity to environmental safety and sustainability growing, so are the complexities and opportunities for power companies.

To help environmental labs in power and energy companies address these dynamic conditions, Promium has developed laboratory information management system (LIMS) software exclusively for the environmental testing community.

Element LIMS streamlines and automates lab workflow to deliver increased productivity, stronger quality management, and shorter turnaround times.

Specific to the needs of power companies, Element LIMS improves monitoring and reporting of water discharge compliant with NPDES permits and automated upload of EDDs and DMRs to state and federal agencies. Element LIMS also includes:

  • batch-oriented processing
  • automated audit trails
  • Internal chain-of-custody
  • embedded quality control monitoring
  • calibration and maintenance scheduling

At a time when the regulatory climate is becoming more active and the economy more challenging, shouldn't you have an information management system that improves your lab's performance?

Regulatory Compliance

Element LIMS is designed and developed based on industry standards, accreditation programs, and best practices including:

  • Safe Drinking Water Act Analytical Methods and Laboratory Certification
  • Cryptosporidium Laboratory Quality Assurance Program
  • Information Collection Requirements (ICR) for Drinking Water Laboratories
  • UCMR Laboratory Approval Program
  • Drinking Water Laboratory Approval Program
  • CALA
  • Various state/provincial and municipal programs
  • ISO 17025
  • Portions of 21 CFR Part 11

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