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Element LIMS - Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory software features that automate sample
data management.


Because creating and controlling batches is an integral testing regime for environmental laboratories, Element LIMS includes robust batching capabilities. Batches are created based on Preparation Method and/or Matrix. Batches can be reviewed by Preparation, Department, Analyst, Package, work order, or for all Analyses.

Instrument Data Upload

Using the Element DataTool component, Element LIMS imports analytical data from an immense library of formats covering virtually any instrument found in today's testing lab. Element LIMS is able to rapidly import transfer files containing data from other Element labs or labs with files in predefined formats. There are over two hundred instrument interpreters in the Element LIMS library. And if you have a new instrument, just give us the information and we'll add the interpreter at no charge.

Automated Bench Sheet

With integrated bench sheets, volumes and spiking information are recorded and Element LIMS has the information needed to do calculations on raw data and produce a final result. For wet chemistry tests that require more up front data input, Element LIMS exports bench sheet information into pre-defined spreadsheets for analysis specific calculations.

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