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Element LIMS Reporting

Laboratory software features that automate and streamline analytical and operational reporting.

Broad library of report formats

Element LIMS versatility allows your lab to produce electronic data deliverables specific to the needs of the data user. Element LIMS includes one of the largest available libraries of standard EDD formats (including SEDD). There are currently nearly two hundred EDDs on file. Custom EDD formats can be created using the internal Element LIMS EDD Builder or external reporting tools. The system includes numerous water reporting formats including DMRs and support for CIWQS and other regional standards.

Electronic data transfer

Element LIMS exports results in a variety of ways and makes it easier for you to exchange data between labs to generate reports and EDDs. This is tremendously useful when managing data from sub-contract labs regardless of whether they have Element or some of other form of information management.

Management reporting

In addition to analytical reporting, Element LIMS provides a variety of reports for managing the operations of the lab. Monitor turn-around time, analyze control charts, track projects, and assess overall workload. Other operational reports include work counts, dollars invoiced, orders received, samples due, samples invoiced, samples reviewed.

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